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Honestly, we loved the studio.  You knoow, for my purposes it was great. I like your place and your style. Looking for excuses to come back.    ML

STUDIO  "C"                                                                FLOORPLAN

Studio C is approx 3,000 Sq Ft  and is often used for automotive and large sets. Also Available with In-Floor automotive turntable.                            



Three wall cove 40'x40x60''  20 ft high 

Easy access through 14'x15' overhead door.

Fully air conditioned and heated.

Free WiFi

6 private parking spaces.


Other Features available:

Producers also purchased 

  • Pristine white floor

  • Dresssing kiosks

  • Make up stations 

  • Car prep area with tempered water, vac, air compressor, power washer.

  • Studio A set up as green room for catering.

  • Historic farmhouse for client lounge and catering. 

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