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NEW  Kitchen Set 2017

The new KITCHEN SET allows you to step onto the set and start filming your , cooking show, infomercial, food shoot or rent it as a classroom for hands-on cooking classes, taste tests, focus groups or Market Research.


Studio A has most often been used for fashion shoots, product photography or interviews with the greenscreen (additional charge) and limited kitchen use for craft services etc.


Our investment in the new kitchen set offers new possibiities and opportunities to empower our clients 


 Use of the "kitchen set  "on camera"  or as the subject of your production is charged in additional to the Studio rental.  Studio A rentals without the kitchen "on camera" remain unchanged.


Kitchen set  will also be available weekends and evenings.  Perfect for your cooking classes etc.


Kitchen set may be modified to fit your production requirements.




  • High end cabinets 


  • High end stainless steel appliances


  • 6 Burner Gas range in the presentation island - Island is on wheels to simplify camera angles.


  • Butcher block countertops


  • Abundant natural window light.


Classrom seating with or without tables is also available and ready when you arrive.


For Filming: Additional Charge


  • Overhead lighting grid with Space lights (Optional) so you can walk on the set an turn on high power, color balanced,  overall lighting.  Add a key light and any accent light and your are ready for filming.


  • High end cabinets on 3 set walls for multiple camera angles.

  • Near our tall arch window  (14') for abundant natural window light

  • Shoot area in the same room for small food shoots, or add the adjoining  studio B for all the shoot space you could need.


For Classroom, Taste Testing or Market Research.


  • The studio portion of stage can be set up with tables and seating as needed for classroom or tasting use.


Kitchen may be modified to meet the specific productions. 

Priced to fit the needs of your specific production, project, class or event.  





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