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Beach Set at Red Gum Creative Campus


The beach set offers most everything you can get at the beach, except permits, onlookers, transients, burning sun, long hikes with equipment, unpredictable weather and sky, expensive parking and expensive accommodations.


We do offer; Privacy, air conditioned pool house and cabanas, no permits needed, clean nearby dressing and makeup rooms, plenty of power, sun diffusion, FREE private parking and good nearby accommodations.



Shown with pool infinity edge, standard cloud backdrop. blonde beach sand, (Pure white sand also available by reservation). (Model not included.)


Backdrop is 10 ft high, up to 24 ft wide, and can be for the look you desire.  (Custom backgrounds are available, made from your image files or ours.


With some creative props and set dressing you can create a tropical world and weather of your own design, vision and  imagination.


Sets change regularly so Tech Scout before reserving.

For studio rentals contact  Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  

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