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John Wayne  is the closest  MAJOR airport   About 15 miles South of Anaheim. It is modern and efficient.


 Note: The takeoff at John Wayne is like no other . The airport has  some of the most affluent neighbors in the world, and strict regulations for  this "noise-sensitive area."  Airplanes often take off at full speed, climb steeply, and then glide  quietly over Newport Beach before making a turn and returning to a typical accent over the Pacific Ocean. The experience is actually  fun and the views are usually spectacular.


NO red eye flights. Orange County prohibits commercial departures between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and commercial arrivals between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m   


(Exit the airport to the 55 Freeway North to the 91 Freeway West. Second exit is the studio.)


 See local map

Ontario is an International Airport. About 26 miles North East of Anaheim. Ontario is  know for being uncrowded,  easier access and usually much faster check in. 

The airport covers 1,700 acres  ) and has two runways. It is the third major airport in the area /Ontario International Airport is less crowded than LAX. It is the West Coast air and truck hub for UPS and is a major distribution point for FedEx Express. 

Thanks to Ontario's long runways (runway 8L/26R is longer than any at LAX), it is often an alternate landing site for large aircraft destined for LAX.  


Exit to the 10 Freeway West, then the 57 Freeway South to 91 Freeway East. 1st exit is the studio.


See local map

LAX is surprisingly efficient for the third busiest airport in the US.   LAX is an International Airport.  

About 36 miles West of Anaheim.  


Exit to the 105 Freeway East, then the 605 Freeway South  a short distance to the 91 Freeway East to the studio.


See local map

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