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Security Cameras are in use 24/7, unless requested otherwise. 

For everyone's protection and security, Red Gum Creative Campus, lIke most businesses, uses security cameras in many areas of the facility 24/7 using redundant recording devices and off-site "cloud" storage. 

If anything unusual occurs during your production, security video *may* be available to you.

Security video is not a part of the rental agreement and is not guaranteed to be available to you.


While it is in your best interest and benefit to have security recording on, do to the nature of the studio business, and often proprietary products, we offer you the option to have security cameras within your specific rental studio turned off. Please request in advance.  



There are no video cameras in any areas that are normally considered "private."


Some security cameras, including common, public areas, exteriors, and property perimeter cameras can not be turned off but may be "bagged" when needed for "CODE RED" or other sensitive productions that require "no photos, no filming" specifically as part of the rental agreement. 


Security video  is considered "confidential" and is not normally reviewed without reason or request.


Security footage is not normally preserved beyond 30 days without specific request. We have no desire to review hours and hours and hours of boring security video unless there is a very,  good reason. 


Red Gum Studios may charge a fee for searching, reviewing and / or archiving video footage when required or requested to do so.  This is not a free service. Reviewing footage from many cameras can be very time consuming.


Security footage is deleted unless requested otherwise. 

Hard drive and cloud based video files are deleted and storage space is reused on a predetermined schedule so requests for video review must be made promptly.




*Legal Notice: The ability to provide security footage is not a part of the rental agreement.


If you have reason to believe footage that might include your production or portions of your production may be needed at a later date, please request that the footage of the dates when you were at the studio be archived as soon as possible. There is a fee for this archiving service. However,  security footage may NOT be purchased.


Copyright notice: All security footage and specifically archived footage which is preserved  is the property of Red Gum Creative Campus exclusively and may not be viewed, used, or reproduced, without written permission from Visual Support Inc. DBA Red Gum Studios, DBA Red Gum Creative Campus.


For studio rentals contact  Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  


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