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VR-360 spin shoot  (Small) 


STUDIO recommedations:


  • Studio A 1000 SF  (2 private parking spaces on site) (no cove)

  • Studio B 2000 SF (4 private parking spaces on site. 30x30 cove.


  • "A" VR360 package deal includes studio A, 44" turntable, remote camera trip, Einstein Flash set, backgrounds and recomendations below),

  • "B" VR360 package deal includes Studio B with 44" Turntable, Einstein Flash. 30x30 white cove.

  • "AB" VR360  Package deal includes Studios A and B with 44" turntable, Einstein Flash, backgrounds and recomendations below)


Also recommended: 

  • Turntable 44 "  with camera  trip

  • Background package.  (Includes power roller, papers, drops, green screen, black, white , blue screen)

  • Strobe Lighting package.  Wireless Einstein flash heads with accessories and grip  

  • Cambo studio stand

  • Rolling Dressing Kiosk

  • Rolling Make up stations

  • Rolling clothing ranks.

  • Steamer

  • Rolling shelf units (6 shelf each) 

  • Shoot surfaces


You may also need:

  • Extra dressing kiosks.

  • Extra Make-up stations

  • Extra tables.

  • Studio A for craft services or client use.

  • House Lounge and Pub Kitchen for craft services or client use. (also celebrity and VIPs)

  • Green screen. (19x10 ft  wide seamless green screen drop available)


Order ALL your requirements when you request your estimate for the best possible pricing


For studio rentals contact  Darin Dormeyer  Tel: 714-458-7003  Email:

For other business matters contact Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  


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