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Insurance Certificates



  1. Proof of Current Liability Insurance is required in the form of an "Insurance Certificate" before production can begin.

  2. The Insurance Certifcate may come from the production company, the photographer, or the client's insurance.

  3. Third party "Film Shoot" or "event" Insurance is also acceptable if it meets the requirements below and can be obtained using this link.

  4. The Insurance Certificate must name "Don & Mary Dormeyer and Red Gum Creative Campus" as co-insured.

  5. Industry standard $1 million coverage on stills. $2 Million coverage on film or video production is required.

  6. Insurance Certificates are usually available free, or at low cost from your insurance agent, and may be emailed to




Thank you!    If we have your insurance certificate "on-file" we can check its current status for you.

For studio rentals contact  Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  


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