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Events - Available 24 / 7 


Red Gum Studios has been a unique venue of choice for many Product Announcements, Recruiting, Market Research Studies, Creative Industry events and educational seminars in addition to outstanding New Years Eve parties. 




Also recommended: 

  • Set up and Strike days at reduced rates.

  • Exclusive use of premises.

  • Pristine Grey floor.

  • Event lighting, club lighting,  or "Car Show" type lighting for Vehicle events. 

  • Pipe and Drape hung from 20 ft ceiling.

  • Long day upgrade.

  • VIP or client  area in House.

  • High Def CCTV feed to House, VIP, or Green room.

  • Entertainment recommendations. (past events included  Mermaid, aerialists , music, DJ etc.)

  • Dressing kiosks and make-up stations for talent or entertainers.

  • Food service area or buffet line.

  • Additional parking or Valet services,


You may also need:

  • Car prep area (Vehicle events)

  • Go Jacs. (Vehicle roller skates)

  • Additional Guest parking.

  • Valet parking. 

  • Stages

  • Event coordinator recomendations

  • Catering recommendaations

  • Bar tending (Licensed third party bar service, full insured.)

  • Security recommendations

  • Searchlights in the sky.


New Years Eve event should be reserved well in advance.


Events are restricted to private events only that are  business, charity, organization, fund raiser, or family related where admission is invitation only.  Or Industry related educational seminars or programs. 


NO public events where guests are totally unknown or where tickets may be purchased by strangers.




For studio rentals contact  Darin Dormeyer  Tel: 714-458-7003  Email:

For other business matters contact Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  


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