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What kind of shoot are you doing ?

This checklist can help you have everything available when you arrive.

Automotive shoot:

In addition to the studio rental you may need:

  • Additional studio for prep, green room,  or carft services

  • Pristine white or painted floor

  • sticky mats to keep floor clean

  • In floor turntable.

  • VR 360 set up for turntable automation.

  • 16x33 Ft Flying Flat

  • 10x30 FT Lghtbank

  • Gantry grane for easy positioning (Studio C only)

  • Cove black out drops

  • Large tungsten lighting package with grip package

  • Floor jacks

  • Go Jacs

  • Jack stands

  • Ramps

  • laser level 

  • Battery charger standby.

  • Auto prep area, tempered water, vac, air compessor.

  • Fogger 

  • LED detail light set.

  • tube lights for reflections 

  • Black and white foam core.

  • Dressing Kiosk for model if used.

  • Makeup stations for models if used.

  • Client Lounge / pub in house.

  • CCTV feed from studio to Client Lounge

  • Sound system connection.




Fashion shoot.

In addition to the rental studio you may need:

  • Additional studio space for prep, green room or craft services

  • Dressing Kiosks

  • Makeup stations

  • Turntable - medium 44" turntable  or In-floor turntable

  • VR 360 set up for turntable automation.

  • Backgrounds.

  • Green Screen or Blue Screen.

  • Prelit green or blue screen

  • Blackout velvet background. 

  • Sticky mats to keep backgrounds clean.

  • Power roller set for quick  remote background changes 

  • FLASH - Einstein lighting package (Flash with wireless controls)

  • Painted cove floor  (stage B or C) 

  • Speciality background panels etc

  • Tables (addiional tables) 

  • Rolling clothing racks.

  • Pallet jack for moving palletized products.

  • V- Panels or foamcore sheets 4x8 ft.

  • Lighting control panels flags etc.

  • C stands

  • Sound system connection.

  • Extra parking arrangements

More check lists to com



portrait / Head shots/ etc.




beach setting or otdoor sets

Editorial automotive


Video production  




Music Video 


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