STUDIO "B"                                                                                                     FLOORPLAN

Studio B is approx 2000 Sq Ft.




Hey Guys, Sounds like yesterday was a perfect shoot day!! 

Thanks for everything…..and of course, can I check your avails for Jan 15 & 16th for another *** **** (Shoot)     Best  TM

For studio rentals contact:  Darin Dormeyer


Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  


Pre-Light Stage B

Space lights in Stage B provide a soft diffused overall light. Available pre-lit and ready when you arrive. "Kino" tubes available in tungsten or daylight balance Just add your key light and any accent light to make the lighting uniquely your own. Also available with pre-lit GreenScreen