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Automotive shoot - Advertising or Video Production


Studio recommedations:



  • Studio B and C are most suitable for a large automotive shoot. 5,000 sf with 40X40X60' cove and 30x30 cove.

  • Studio B or C may also be used alone for smaller productions.

  • Stage A as green room.


  • "Code Red" campus package for prototypes, unannounced vehicle, and any that require a secure facility.


Also recommended: 

We can also supply:

  • Cambo studio stand

  • Go Jacs. (Vehicle roller skates)

  • Car prep area -  Vac,  tempered water hose, floor drain. (outdoors in shade)

  • Battery charger.

  • Vehicle Ramps.

  • Vertical laser - (for setting wheels perfectly)

  • Vehicle jack, or Low boy vehicle jack

  • Jack stands.


  • Black out side drapes for cove. (Quick change black out)*

  • Green screen. (40 ft  wide green screen available)*

  • Generator rental.*



* Not included in campus package



For studio rentals contact  Darin Dormeyer  Tel: 714-458-7003  Email:

For other business matters contact Don Dormeyer 714-342-3259  Email:

Red Gum Creative Campus   2983 East Miraloma   Anaheim, CA 92806  


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